Gentlemen whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting must complete the reservation form below. It is understood that the information shared is of a personal and confidential nature and is handled accordingly. Trust that your information is secure and is used for verification purposes only. Once the verification process is complete all information is discarded. My safety is my number one priority and I refuse to meet with those who are not willing to submit to this simple request. For your convenience, I accept RS2KP411 and well-known companion/agency references.

Please be sure that you have read all information on my website before contacting me. I prefer initial contact to be made via the reservation form or by email. The sooner you contact me the better. This allows time for verification and proper planning of my schedule. 

Cancellation Policy: My tour schedule is planned a couple of months out, so I am often booked days or even weeks in advance. As such, I have blocked my schedule for this time and have made it unavailable to anyone else. Therefore at the time of booking please be sure of the time, date, and schedule as a non-refundable 50% cancellation fee will be expected if you choose to cancel within 48hrs.